What is a bitter?

A “Bitter” is defined as:

a liquid, often an alcoholic liquor, in which bitter herbs or roots have steeped, used as a flavoring, especially in mixed drinks, or as a tonic.

also as:

a liquid, usually alcoholic, impregnated with a bitter medicine, as gentian or quassia, used to increase the appetite or as a tonic.

A “Tincture” is defines as:

a solution of alcohol or of alcohol and water, containing animal, vegetable, or chemical drugs.

Namaste Bitters combines the medicinal values of a “Tincture” with the intended use as a drink additive, or “Bitter”. Medicine is never pleasant to take by itself. Adding it to your favorite drink seems like the perfect accommodation.

Namaste Bitters is the perfect blend of flavor and medicine that is sure to spice up even the blandest drinks.

Please enjoy Namaste Bitters responsibly and never operate equipment or any type of vehicle while consuming.